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Netsuite Adapter for SAP Integration Suite

Netsuite for SAP Integration Suite

NetSuite is a leading business management platform with multi-suite capabilities for finance and accounting, inventory management, order processing, and procurement. Additional offerings include sales and marketing automation, Human Resource personnel administration, and payroll management.  With a centralized data source, users can seamlessly access information across varied business functions and geographical locations. Realize your business potential with operational insights, reporting, and analytics to enhance financial visibility over your day-to-day business.

To integrate data from diverse sources into the NetSuite spend management platform, this is the ideal solution to enable a fast and robust adoption of NetSuite in your business.

How the adapter works

The NetSuite Adapter for SAP Integration Suite runs natively on the SAP Integration Suite, enabling users to integrate different SAP and non-SAP applications with NetSuite easily. You can achieve operational efficiency in account management, order processing, inventory management, production, and supply chain. The NetSuite adapter provides a unified interface to access operations from different ERP modules - all in one place. Your one-stop solution to streamline business processes and accelerate growth!

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Business Benefits

Improve Financial Efficiency
Save expenses by adopting a single software for your Integration needs.
Optimize Business Processes
Streamline critical processes to yield operational efficiency.
Time to market
Achieve a quicker and more efficient time to market by utilizing this top-tier integration software, built by industry experts.

Key Features

Support for NetSuite Operations
Support for all NetSuite operations like Add, AddList, Get, Update, Upsert, Delete, Saved Search, etc.
Processing data asynchronously
Alternative mode for NetSuite operations in the form of an asynchronous version. Process bulk records without having to wait for a response instantly.
XSD Generator
Use Eclipse Workbench to accelerate your Integrations. Generate XSDs containing record type schemas usable in Integration mappings.
Dynamic Configuration
Automate your operational processes towards NetSuite through our support of headers and properties. Dynamic configurations for dynamic results.
Full integration support for Custom Records and Fields
In addition to support for all the standard NetSuite Records (or entities), our Adapter integrates with all the Custom Objects in NetSuite.
Processing multiple records at a time
Utilise List operations to process multiple instances of a record type in NetSuite (AddList, GetList, upsertList). Multiple record processing for quicker execution.
Secure authentication based on Encrypted Tokens
Token-Based Authentication (TBA) mechanism to bolster overall security. Use encrypted authentication tokens to ensure data calls are secure.

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