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Do you want to make a difference?

At Rojo, we are more than an IT company, we share a same vision; make the world a better place. Our culture is built on the values of giving back to society, creating a positive impact where it matters, while having fun, working as a team, being curious & having a relentless drive for excellence.

We believe we can drive positive change by prioritizing our Corporate Social Responsibility, some of our initiatives include supporting environment issues, promoting children’s education and contributing to community projects. The challenges we face as a global community are vast, but we believe we can make a difference by innovating and leading the change for a better future.

In our world one of our biggest challenges is indifference and inaction, at Rojo we stand against the mindset “Someone else will do it”. We take action and make it happen.

It is now tradition to host a volunteer day per region. We take this time to come together and make a tangible impact. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming volunteer days! If you share our commitment to making a real difference, we are looking for you

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