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Data Analytics

Rojo Data Analytics allows you to search, monitor, and analyse your data, including end to end integration, leaving no untapped data. Using Splunk, Power BI, Power automate, PowerApps and Data factory we turn silos of operational data into actionable insights for your business.

Smarter business decisions, based on data.

With the ever increasing volume of data moving across businesses, the importance of observability, data monitoring and analysis is becoming bigger. The AI and machine learning capabilities of analytics platforms allow you to move from reactive to proactive monitoring strategies. We help our customers to gain operation insights into their organisation’s data and prevent service deterioration before it impacts their business. Leverage our experience in observability to navigate the data analytics landscapeand increase your ROI!

Platforms we work with

Power BI transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.

With Power BI you stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Datadog provides a crucial monitoring and security platform for cloud applications.

Datadog fuses end-to-end traces, metrics and logs to render your company’s infrastructure and cloud services fully observable.

Splunk is a pioneer in the world of Observability

Splunk turns machine data into answers. Regardless of your organization’s size and industry, Splunk can give you the answers you need to solve your toughest IT, security and business challenges. Traditionally Integration landscapes have been a black box of information. With the power of Rojo Solutions built on Splunk we have brought transparency to integration data and unlocked its potential in providing real time business insights.

Accelerate your business.

We combined our expertise of integration and observability, and built innovative accelerators for observability platforms so you can monitor your ERP systems and have visibility of your APIs. Take your observability platform experience to the next level with our accelerators and unleash the power of your data.

What's in it for you

Data Driven Decision Making

Gain valuable business insights and improve productivity by accessing data directly from the source and other target applications.

Market Leading Platforms

Partnering with the best platforms in the market we help our customers with selection paths, quality assurance, project implementation, consultancy, governance, migration, support and maintenance.


Our observability solutions for Splunk and Datadog bring your integrations to full capacity with end-to-end monitoring. This way you gain data-based insights on your integrations and APIs for continuous connectivity.

Our software

Control your application landscape and monitor interfaces, now. Our comprehensive End-to-End Monitoring Suites gives you the 100% visibility of your business processes. The transactional and health data of your different applications are now ready to be monitored so you can identify critical KPIs.


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