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Coupa Adapter for SAP Integration Suite

Coupa Adapter for SAP Integration suite

Coupa is a leading spend management platform that streamlines and automates procurement, invoicing, and expense management processes for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Coupa provides organizations with control and visibility over their entire procurement cycle. By centralizing financial processes, optimizing costs, and enhancing collaboration, Coupa helps businesses drive operational efficiency and achieve improved financial performance.

This is the ideal solution to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources into the Coupa spend management platform, enabling a fast and robust adoption of Coupa in your business by employing Coupa Adapter for SAP Integration Suite.

How the adapter works

The Coupa Adapter for SAP Integration Suite  runs natively on the SAP Integration Suite, enabling users to integrate  different SAP and non-SAP applications with Coupa easily. Running  on the SAP Integration Suite, the adapter enables user to accelerate streamlining of critical  processes between any ERP system and Coupa. Start  elevating your organization’s efficiency and savings by reducing efforts to create a listed set of integration  workflows with our Coupa adapter. Modernize your procure-to-pay activities, achieve visibility on  employees’ work-related expenses, and integrate order-to-cash flows.

The bottom line? A seamless and  unprecedented integration between your SAP systems such as S/4HANA, SAP  S/HANA Cloud, and SAP ERP. Reduce the noise in your finances and start  realizing new potential.

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Business Benefits

Optimize Business Processes
Streamlining your business processes through seamless integration within your landscape.
Reduce expenses
Lower the overall total cost of ownership and achieve more predicatable system integration budgets.
Time to market
Achieve a quicker and more efficient time to market by utilizing this top-tier integration software, built by industry experts.

Key Features

With the Coupa adapter, you can integrate your data quickly and efficiently. This streamlines your financial processes, including procure-to-pay, expense management, and order-to-cash, between Coupa and any SAP or non-SAP system.

All Coupa resources accepted, no exceptions
Remove boundaries. Receive out-of-the-box support for both standard and custom Coupa resources. If you create it on the specific Coupa tenant, our adapter will support it.
Interact Seamlessly with Resources
A maximum of actions with a minimum of time. Create, modify, update, query, and retrieve actions on the objects maintained in the Coupa tenant.
Discover data objects and Generate XSDs
Effortlessly access both standard and custom objects from Coupa through our adapter. Our Eclipse Plug-in/Workbench streamlines the process of generating XSDs for mappings, making it a swift and uncomplicated task.
Supports multiple payload formats
The adapter supports multiple payload formats, such as XML and JSON data formats. Less costs and less time for the same procure-to-pay journeys.
Autodiscover resources and metadata
Uncover the nitty gritty of all your resources through the Eclipse Workbench. In a few clicks you can find the metadata information of each resource, including fields and cardinalities.
Take full control of your query results with our integrated pagination support. Effortlessly manage your organization’s extensive collection of records in a timely manner.
Dynamic Configuration
Automate your operational processes towards Coupa through our support of headers and properties. Dynamic configurations for dynamic results.
Security Made Simple
Connecting Coupa with other applications is now easier and more secure than ever. With the OAuth 2.0, collaborators can connect to Coupa using any system, without worrying about security issues. This authentication and authorization framework is a standard solution for hassle-free connections.
Simplified Interfacing with Coupa
Our adapter further simplifies interactions with Coupa with user friendly interface to connect with Coupa resources. A hassle-free design to enhance usability.

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