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Datadog Monitoring Application for SAP CI

Datadog Integration for SAP CI

In the dynamic landscape of observability solutions, Datadog stands tall as one of the industry leaders, renowned for its comprehensive suite of monitoring tools. Rojo Integrations now introduces the Datadog Integation for SAP CI — an observability accelerator that is is closing the gap of integration between SAP CI and Datadog, making it possible to use datadog for observing SAP CI.

This observability solution streamlines data flow between SAP Cloud Integration and Datadog, providing on-demand visibility into critical metrics and enhancing visibility and insights for businesses. With this solution, businesses can boost operational efficiency, optimize performance, and ensure seamless business process integration via SAP Cloud Integration.

SAP CI (Cloud Integration), a key component of SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite, is a leading and comprehensive Integration platform as a service (iPaas) solution designed to facilitate seamless integration between various systems and applications. Its main function is to enable businesses to connect, transform, and exchange data across different landscapes, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Single overview

A single dashboard for all your CI flows & landscapes

Data Retention

Up to 15 months

Dashboards for Business Objects

Multiple dashboards to get insights into your cloud integration flows & landscapes

How the Datadog Integration for SAP CI works

To optimize your business processes, you must be able to follow the information flows that run through them. Keep your processes connected by getting all the essential insights into their interfaces. Our Datadog Monitoring Application for SAP CI takes classical integration monitoring beyond. A comprehensive monitoring solution that provides critical Cloud Integration insights. Lay the foundation for your organization’s end-to-end process observability and run IT operations and business efficiently.

Go from data to actionable business insights today.

SAP CI Runtime Monitoring Overview

Achieve operational insights about technical message processing events and real-time statistics pulled by SAP Cloud Integration Management API.

SAP CI Keystore Monitoring:

Worried about key expiry, Monitor certificate and key pair statuses using the SAP CI Keystore Monitor.

Business Benefits

Uncover Business Trends with In-Depth Traffic Analysis
Analyze long-term traffic data to identify critical trends in your business processes. With unrestricted data retention, you can continuously monitor and interpret these trends, empowering you to make strategic decisions that enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth. Your data, transformed into actionable insights.
Drive Business Success with Automated Insights and Alerts
Leverage automated insights and real-time alerts to enhance your business operations. Pinpoint performance bottlenecks quickly and receive immediate notifications when issues arise. Use these insights strategically to optimize performance and swiftly address errors, ensuring your business remains efficient and responsive.
Enhance Security and Efficiency with Centralized Monitoring
Secure your integration flows and landscape with a centralized monitoring system, providing insights from one easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you use Neo, Cloud Foundry, or both, streamline your oversight and save time by quickly understanding your data journeys. Centralized access ensures you stay informed and proactive, bolstering the security of your business operations.

Key Features

A quick glimpse into your Cloud Integration Landscape. By leveraging Datadog’s capabilities, the solution packs pre-defined data inputs and prebuilt dashboards. This guarantees a seamless and fast set up. Get up and running in a matter of hours. Start your CI observability journey today.

Integration Content
Discover your landscape and deep dive into packages, digital integration flows and more.
Runtime Traffic
Monitor and analyze the runtime traffic such as common errors and troubleshooting, performance bottlenecks, message flow trends, and related events.
Security Artifacts & Datastores
Your data is valuable, so it is important to keep it safe. Keep an eye on your expiring certificates, key-pairs and user credentials
Business E2E Monitoring Enablement
Send business specific information from your integration processes and enrich the runtime view. Use this data as a foundation for end-to-end process monitoring and to manage your supply chain.
AI and Machine Learning
Apply Datadog’s out of the box machine learning and AI-capabilities to the integration data. In this way, you can detect anomalies and predict and prevent integration issues.

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