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Splunk Monitoring Application for Apigee API Management

Why Apigee API Management?

Apigee API Management is a platform that enables organizations to design, secure, deploy, and manage APIs at scale. It provides tools for API creation, monitoring, analytics, and monetization. Organizations use Apigee to streamline API development processes, enhance security, ensure compliance, and optimize performance. With Apigee, businesses can efficiently expose their services as APIs, enabling seamless integration with internal systems, partners, and third-party developers. This fosters innovation, accelerates digital transformation, and facilitates the creation of new revenue streams through API-based products and services.

How the Rojo accelerator works

Introducing our dynamic API monitoring solution, designed to provide real-time insights into your digital ecosystem. From tracking total API traffic to analyzing successful and failed API calls, identifying errors, and highlighting top-used APIs, applications, and developers, our platform offers comprehensive visibility into your API performance. With trend charts depicting API call dynamics over time and the ability to pinpoint both the best and worst-performing APIs, empower your organization with actionable data to optimize operations and drive innovation.

Business Benefits

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Key Features

The Apigee API Management application tailored for Splunk, offers a wide range ofpowerful features that enhance your integration monitoring capabilities. Below, you will discover the key features of this application:

Setup Page
Setup page which can be used for configuration
Searches and Macros
Saved searches and necessary macros
Pre-built Dashboards
Pre-built dashboard providing an overview of data flowing in from API Management
User Documentation
Documentation to support users through the process of installation.

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