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Splunk Monitoring Application for SAP CI


SAP CI (Cloud Integration) is a comprehensive platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution designed to facilitate seamless integration between various systems and applications. Its main function is to enable businesses to connect, transform, and exchange data across different landscapes, both on-premises and in the cloud. With SAP CI, organizations can streamline their integration processes, automate workflows, and enhance data visibility and connectivity, ultimately driving operational efficiency and enabling digital transformation.

How the Rojo accelerator works

To optimize your business processes, you must be able to follow the information flows that run through them. Keep your processes connected by getting all the essential insights into their interfaces. Our Splunk Monitoring Application for SAP CI takes classical integration monitoring beyond. A comprehensive monitoring solution that provides critical Cloud Integration platform insights. Lay the foundation for your organization’s end-to-end process observability and run IT operations and business efficiently. Go from data to actionable business insights today.

Long term analytics on the traffic

Keep your logs as long as you want in Splunk. You are no longer limited by 30-90 days restrictions of the CI platform. This way, you are able to make trend analyses of the data traffic in your organization, at any time. Your data, your rules.

Landscape Discovery

Your Cloud Integration system is the central point of data exchange in your organization. Discover the applications in your landscape in real time to make critical decisions.

Centralized monitoring for CI tenants

An organization contains a lot of data journeys. Monitor all your CI tenants from one dashboard. Is it neo, or cloud foundry? Or both? No issues.

Identify and alert over performance bottlenecks

Specialized dashboard panels to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and alert capabilities in case of performance degradations.

Business Benefits

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Key Features

A quick glimpse into your Cloud Integration LandscapeBy leveraging Splunk’s capabilities, the solution packs pre-defined data models with add-on and prebuilt dashboards. This guarantees a seamless and fast setup. Get up and running in a matter of hours. Start your CI observability journey today.

Integration Content
Discover your landscape and deep dive into packages, digital integration flows and more.
Runtime Traffic
Monitor and analyze the runtime traffic such as common errors and troubleshooting, performance bottlenecks, message flow trends, and free-text search of payloads and related events.
Security Artifacts & Datastores
Your data is valuable, so it is important to keep it safe. Keep an eye on your expiring certificates, key-pairs and user credentials.
AI and Machine Learning
Apply Splunk’s out of the box machine learning and AI-capabilities to the integration data. In this way, you can detect anomalies and predict and prevent integration issues.
Free Text Search
Search all your Boomi data from one screen.
Business E2E Monitoring Enablement
Send business specific information from your integration processes and enrich the runtime view. Use this data as a foundation for end-to-end process monitoring and to manage your supply chain.

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