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SuccessFactors Snap Pack for SnapLogic

Why SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is an industry-leading cloud human capital management (HCM) suite which uses the latest technologies to help your organisation win the war for top talent, connect people to purpose, and drive results across your business. Our SAP SuccessFactors Snap pack for SnapLogic enables your organisation to streamline integration with SuccessFactors. Dynamic setup of the Snap pack ensures full control and total visibility into the supported OData APIs of your SuccessFactors tenant. With this plug and play approach the integrations become faster, simpler and cheaper. Integrating to SuccessFactors has never been easier.

What it does

  • Create new entities in SuccessFactors
  • Update existing entities in SuccessFactors
  • Delete existing entities in SuccessFactors
  • Query data in SuccessFactors
  • Automatically decide whether to create or update entities in SuccessFactors

The Snap pack consists of:

  • SuccessFactors Create snap
  • SuccessFactors Read snap
  • SuccessFactors Update snap
  • SuccessFactors Delete snap
  • SuccessFactors Upsert snap

Business Benefits

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Get insight into the failed messages. Interactive dashboard to find any interface in failure along with the root cause of the failure. Insight into the sender component, receiver component and namespace for the interfaces in failure along with the message id and timestamp. Node level information is also visible as in count of messages that failed per node. Its also interesting to see the messages failed by different statuses of PO like canceled or system error.

Activity Monitoring

Dive into the information about activities within the org which gives insight about the sessions started with details by user in Snaplogic, trend of sessions, number of CRUD operations done on assets, a dynamic asset overview by clicking on any operation and the detailed history of any asset selected, details about the assets, trend of activities over time.

Alerting over anomalies.

Alerts will be triggered within the Splunk platform for the failed messages from both general mode as well as low latency.

An eye on your REST API

Keeping an eye on the health of your REST API is a click away with a dedicated dashboard. Displaying vital information regarding the performance and usage levels of your API, the data on trends of requests coming in and going out of your Salesforce tenant is in the palm of your hand.

Long term analytics on the traffic

Keep your logs as long as you want in Splunk. You are no longer limited by 30-90 days restrictions of the CI platform. This way, you are able to make trend analyses of the data traffic in your organization, at any time. Your data, your rules.

Key Features

The SAP SuccessFactors Snap Pack, tailored for SnapLogic, offers a rich array of features that enhance your integration capabilities with SAP SuccessFactors. Discover below the key features of this powerful accelerator:

Secure connection with basic authentication
Crud Operations
Supports CRUD operations on standard as well as custom entities in your SuccessFactors environment.
Client Side Pagination
Supports client-side pagination with skip and top mechanisms
OData Query Parameters
Supports various OData query parameters such as top, orderBy, filter, skip and select.
Retry Mechanism
Supports connection failed retry mechanisms.
Ultra Pipelines
Supports Ultra pipelines.

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