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Webinar: Streamlining Operations: Empowering Business & IT with End-to-End Integration Monitoring

In today's dynamic business landscape, seamless integration of systems and processes is crucial for success. However, ensuring smooth operations and promptly detecting issues across these integrated systems extends beyond mere technical monitoring. It includes the complex interactions of data, business transactions, and processes across various integrated systems, whether it's in supply chain management, HR, or sales. Rojo's end-to-end monitoring solutions offer valuable insights for both business and IT stakeholders, facilitating proactive incident prevention and efficient issue resolution.

In this webinar Rojo experts will share strategies on how to monitor your integrations and gain valuable insights from day one.

In this session you will learn:

  • The fundamental importance of monitoring integration platforms, but also the data/business transactions/business process interactions within all integrated systems in today's business environment.
  • How to overcome the limited monitoring capabilities of your integration platforms and add real-time monitoring capabilities to your integration domain.
  • Practical tips and strategies for initiating monitoring right from the start of implementing our solutions, ensuring comprehensive oversight and proactive management.
  • The journey towards achieving end-to-end monitoring, from basic monitoring to comprehensive visibility
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1. Introduction to Integration Monitoring  

  • Define the importance of integration monitoring in today's business environment.
  • Discuss common challenges faced by organizations without effective monitoring.
  • Highlight the role of monitoring in optimizing workflows, minimizing downtime, and enhancing overall performance.

2. Getting started with monitoring your integrations  

  • Explore the concept of monitoring and its significance.
  • Share practical tips and strategies for initiating monitoring from the first day of using our solutions
  • Discuss key metrics and indicators to focus on during the initial stages.

3. The Path to End-to-End Monitoring  

  • Explain the evolution from basic monitoring to achieving end-to-end visibility.
  • Discuss the incremental steps and best practices in expanding monitoring capabilities.
  • Showcase real-world examples of organizations benefiting from a comprehensive monitoring approach.

4. Demo Session: Rojo Consultancy's Monitoring Solutions

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Relevant for:

CIOs, CTO’s, Product Owners, Integration Architects, Monitoring Experts, Observability Managers/Specialists, Data Monitoring Experts, Head of Infrastructure and Monitoring, Monitoring Engineers, Integration Experts, Integration Developers, Integration Managers, IT Managers

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