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Anaplan Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

Why Anaplan?

With Anaplan, business leaders can see edge-to-edge across their company, easily align, and achieve business and technology goals. The Anaplan platform is built to help businesses think ahead and rapidly adapt to change, it is designed to revolutionize business planning and decision-making processes. At its core, Anaplan functions as a cloud-based planning and performance management tool.

With Anaplan, organizations can create dynamic and collaborative models that integrate data from various sources, empowering teams to forecast, budget, and strategize with accuracy and agility. To seamlessly integrate data from diverse applications into Anaplan, Rojo has built the ideal solution to enable a fast and robust adoption of Anaplan in your business.

How the Rojo accelerator works

The Anaplan Adapter for SAP Integration Suite runs natively on the SAP Integration Suite, enabling users to integrate different SAP and non-SAP applications and Anaplan easily. Organizations that use Anaplan with SAP business solutions require the exchange of large volumes of data between these systems. On top of a secure connection between these two environments, the Anaplan Adapter supports multiple usecases across different industries with its highly customizable features.

Accelerate business processes by leveraging the integration possibilities between Anaplan and SAP systems today!

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Business Benefits

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Key Features

A stable and rich integration between Anaplan and your SAP landscape:

The Rojo Anaplan Adapter for SAP Integration Suites features a secure and robust connection between Anaplan and various SAP business solutions. It allows the easy discovery of the metadata of Anaplan entities alongside the wrapping of multiple Anaplan operations in a single call. Simplify the interaction between vital systems with the Rojo Anaplan Adapter for SAP Integration Suite.

The Rojo Anaplan adapter for SAP Integration Suite helps users discover metadata entities and operations in the Anaplan system. It provides insights to manage data and streamline operations. Whether you’re new to Anaplan or experienced, this tool is essential to achieve your goals and make the most of your investment.
Simplify Operations
The Rojo Anaplan Adapter for SAP Integration Suite wraps multiple Anaplan operations in one call.
Deliver integrations much faster
Our Anapan adapter can significantly decrease your integration team’s development time by 60% when compared to other available solutions.
Secure Connections
With the secure store feature of SAP Integration Suite as Security Material, the connection between Anaplan and various SAP solutions is assured.

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