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iSHARE Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

Why iShare?

iShare is a versatile platform designed to facilitate secure and efficient data sharing and collaboration between organizations. Its main function is to enable seamless and controlled exchange of sensitive information, documents, and data sets. With iShare, businesses can securely share and collaborate on files, ensuring data privacy, compliance, and traceability, while promoting collaboration and productivity across teams and external stakeholders.

How the Rojo accelerator works

The Rojo iSHARE accelerator simplifies the process of preparing your SAP ERP system for iSHARE implementation, offering a quick and seamless solution. With this accelerator, there is no need to adapt your current integration landscape or messaging structure.

By joining the iSHARE network and sharing the required documents with the iSHARE foundation, the accelerator takes care of validating the parties involved in the network through Scheme Owner integration. Additionally, it efficiently requests and validates any delegation policy from the iSHARE Authorization Registry, ensuring a smooth and secure integration process.

Business Benefits

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Key Features

Introducing the adapter, which offers a range of key features including seamless integration with various systems:

Out of the Box Integration
Supports out of the box integration of iSHARE Scheme Owner and Authorization Registry components.
Access Token
Retrieves Access Token from parties adhering iSHARE.
JWT Tokens
Generate JWT tokens with algorithm RS256 as per iSHARE standards.
Identification via EORI
Support for identification via EORI-number, the mandatory scheme in European import and export business.

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