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Rojo's Software Portfolio

Our Software is crafted with the mission to make Integration easy, standard and transparent for organizations. Applying decades of Experience in integrating SAP and 3rd party applications our Engineers have designed connectivy and observability products which integrate seamlessly in your IT landscape to provide connectivity and unlock the value of data running through your integration landscape.

What makes our software so great?

  • Drastically reduce time to integrate: Using our plug and play connectivity accelerators, reduce time to integrate with a new systems by up to 70%.
  • Remove complexity from connectivity: Designed with keeping citizen integrators in mind, you focus on the bussiness requirement and let the product do the technical heavy Lifting for you
  • Standard and best in class: With our accelerators and integration content we not only provide standardized method of integrating but also follow industry best practices when it comes to critical aspects like security and performance.
  • Intelligent observability for your Integration Landscape: Our Observability Solutions plug into your integration landscape and provide you critical KPI information on aspects like performance, failures and bottlenecks in a matter of hours.
  • Leverage the power of data in transit: Use integration data to gain insights into your business processes by using our E2E monitoring apps.
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